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Beer Gifts: 10 Unique Gift Ideas for Any Beer Lover

You are thinking about the best gift for a beer lover and at a loss at what to actually get that would be of utmost use to the person, here’s a list of the perfect gift items. From fine unique tools that make every pour bubbly and fresh to special bottle openers that can double as a décor. Buying any of these shows that you know your stuff.

Are you looking for cool, unique gifts for a husband or a boyfriend, or possibly a beer lover? Or you think you deserve a new accessory? Whatever the case may be, we have compiled a list of beer-inspired gifts. Some of these gifts are designed so that you can have an enjoyable beer drinking experience, while others are just for fun sake. Take a look at our list, and you are sure to find something you would love.


Craft Beer Club Subscription

We live in an age of beer where we are faced with many choices of the constantly growing beer brewing market worldwide. A beer subscription a fantastic gift for a husband or boyfriend. Craft Beer searches out the best beer selections and sends directly to your doorstep. You can choose between a membership or gifts to ship monthly, quarterly or as you deem fit.

9. Book: The Beer Bible

Beer Bible
The Beer Bible is educational and entertaining. This Beer Bible by Jeff Aldworth has everything beer with hip infographics, useful knowledge and fascinating insights into the history and culture of beer.

8. Beer Cap States: Handsome holders for your bottle cap collection

Beer Cap States
BuiltfromBaltic Birch plywood, this is a perfect gift for beer lovers. These caps come in shapes of different states. Represent your State by showing your love for American beer with a beer cap.

7. Wooden Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener

Wooden Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener
A great way to transport your favorite brew to your next picnic or to keep your favorite beverage intact while you are on the go!

6. Growler for Craft Beer – Copper

Growler for Craft Beer
This stainless steel growler will keep your beer cold, and fresh and carbonated for two weeks. Has an adjustable carbonated knob, and there’s no cause for alarm while moving from one place to another as it is lightweight, handy, has a steel handle and an opener on the side for convenience. It is a stylish, convenient and screams class.

5. Magnetic Bottle Opener

Magnetic Bottle Opener
Handcrafted wooden bottle opener with a magnetic cap capable of holding over 70 bottle crowns. Are you in need of the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband, this magnetic bottle opener will put a smile on his face. It is a great addition to his unique collections.

4. Craft Beer Brewing Appliance for Homebrewing

Pico Pro Craft Beer Brewing Appliance for Homebrewing
Some beer lovers have nursed the idea of making their own beer. Watch this dream turn into reality for a beer lover with the Pico Pro, an automated craft brewing from PicoBrew.

This appliance uses pre-made beer ingredients from over 150 craft breweries worldwide and can brew 5 liters of beer in less than 2 hours. When it comes to home brewing, this is definitely a catch.

3. Secret Agent Briefcase Beer Carrier

Let your beer travel in snug, cozy ride. This secret agent brief beer case is an excellent choice for a small gathering or picnic. Sure to keep your brews to the party intact.

2. Insulated Beer Mug – Ice Cold to the Last Drop!

 Insulated Beer Mug
Show the beer lover in your life with a gift that will last a lifetime–an insulated Beer mug. This mug will keep your beer refreshingly chilled till the latest drop.

1. Beer Bottle Cap Holder Shadow Box

Short explanation

Beer Bottle Cap Holder Shadow Box
If you always find beer caps littered around the home or bar, then you need to get him a better system. Display your caps in a beer bottle cap holder shadow box. This shadow box is going to serve as a beautiful accessory wherever it is placed.